Jewelry · 24. May 2018
The staff is in the process of rephotographing the men's assorted jewelry, and we are also in the process of changing some prices, etc.

Jewelry · 07. December 2017
Today we finished all the new photographs for the Natural Stone Rings. Pictured here is a sterling silver tiled band. It has small tiles of lapis, coral, pink coral, and turquoise stones inlaid in sterling silver.

Jewelry · 04. December 2017
The natural stone pendants have just been completed. The pendant pictured here is sterling silver and has a black cultured pearl center with Mother of Pearl stones in a circle on the outer edge.

Jewelry · 28. November 2017
I want to give you some updates on the progress of the new photos. As you can see from the photograph above, we have some very beautiful natural stone jewelry. This particular necklace is a Sterling Silver Handmade Gemstone Necklace with Opaline, Garnet, and Opal Moonstone. The necklace is 20" long when unclasped. It would look beautiful on any dressy outfit.

Jewelry · 25. November 2017
We have just posted a new selection of jewelry for your shopping pleasure. If you love to buy in sets of jewelry, this is the place.

Jewelry · 22. November 2017
Today has been a very productive day here at the office. I have successfully managed to get about half of the women's natural stone bracelets completed.

Jewelry · 21. November 2017
I have just completed adding new photos to the women's sterling silver jewelry selection. Along with the new photos, you will also notice a few have dropped in price.

Jewelry · 20. November 2017
Ladies and gentlemen, the entire exquisite costume jewelry selection has been completely revamped. We now have newer photographs of the entire selection. From bracelets to earrings to pendants, all photographs have been carefully inspected for my satisfaction.

Jewelry · 16. November 2017
I have some great news today. I have about 80% of the new photos up and running on Facebook. I have to retake 4 costume jewelry brooches, plus go through the Natural and the sterling silver jewelry, including the men's jewelry. This is the last bit of it. I finished the women's sterling silver earrings tonight and the new photos will be up by tomorrow morning. I am just about finished working for the day. I hope everyone enjoys the new photos and has a wonderful evening as well.

Jewelry · 15. November 2017
I have spent today retaking new photos for the Women's Sterling Silver Pendant Brooches, and placing these on the website. These beautiful pendant brooches can be worn either way and accent any outfit perfectly. Because of the internet outage we recently experienced, I am behind on my work. I am in the process of taking one category at a time and rephotographing some items in order to better display our items on the internet. We hope you enjoy the new photos. As always, thank you for shopping